We think our small group personal training programme is one of the best in Basingstoke. We also think the level of coaching you’ll receive is miles better than your average 1:1 personal trainer. 

Yes, you could say we are biased but, we have our reasons. So let us bring you up to speed with what small group training actually is…


Small group personal training isn’t just a small class. It’s personal training in small group (max 6 people) whereby you are taught how to progress through weight training safely and effectively, just like you would be in a one-to-one session with a PT. There are three key parts that make up a successful small group personal training programme: 


Yes, it sounds obvious, but it really is important that groups are kept small. For us, the sweet spot is six members to one coach. This is to enable us to properly coach you as an individual, not just shout instructions from the front of the room. If there are too many clients in the room, it’s a class, not personal training in a group – and that’s an important difference. 


The second is the experience of the coach. Coaching up to six people with varying levels of strength and fitness, mobility and coordination is hard for an inexperienced coach. Throw in some members with little to no training experience and a complex injury history and then this will become very challenging. An experienced personal trainer will know how to progress and regress exercises to cater for the individual. This ensures that everyone, regardless of their level, gets a challenging but manageable training session It’s our opinion that we think personal trainers make great small group training coaches. and this is why all our coaches are experienced. 


The final part to a successful small group training programme is carrying out an initial assessment We believe that all small group training members should go through an initial assessment (just like we would for one-to-one clients) prior to training. Understanding you as an individual in terms of your goals, your mobility restrictions, and your injury history and your training experience prior to your session makes your training so much more effective. . 


Helping members improve their health and fitness is what we love and what motivates us as coaches but, there are other benefits to small group training that often go unnoticed. 

  • It’s cost effective – much more so than one-to-one personal trainingIt’s social – you’ll be training with like-minded peopleFriendly competition – we find that our members work a little bit harder when training in a group.  It combines the best elements of personal training and larger classes: individual attention with the fun and motivation of a group dynamicAnd when you join Fitness Flex, you won’t just be a number – all of the coaching team will know your name. You are part of the Fitness Flex family when you become a member. 

So now that you understand what small group training is, let us provide you with some more information about our sessions. 

  • Upper bodyLower bodyLegs

Primary objective – Increase whole body strength and muscle muscle massSecondary objective – Look and feel great, reduce the likelihood of injury, improve mobility and increase bone density Weight training sessions are programmed for the 12 weeks. On top of your small group sessions you also get unlimited access to our large group classes to get in your cardio throughout the 12 weeks. 

We are very proud of our small group personal training and we think it is one of the best programmes in Basingstoke. But don’t take our word for it. See some of our members results below. Want to find out more? Email us admin@fitnessflex.co.uk to get you booked in for your FREE consultation to discuss your personal goals for 2024 and how we can help. 

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