Bootcamps in Basingstoke

Welcome to Fitness Flex, where our bootcamps in Basingstoke aren’t just about breaking a sweat; they’re about breaking the mould. Ready for an energising, dynamic way to achieve your fitness goals? You’re in the right place!

Why Choose Us?

At Fitness Flex, we strive to offer an experience unmatched by others. That means providing diverse equipment to help you achieve your goals. From sledges to skipping ropes, our range of tools keeps workouts fresh and exciting.

We’re also favoured for our expert guidance. Our trainers are passionate about your progress and will be there to guide, motivate and support you every step of the way. So join a group of like-minded individuals all striving towards personal betterment in a supportive and energetic environment.

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Body Transformation Bootcamps

Both programs are designed to ignite your metabolism and shift your body into a fat-burning gear you didn’t know existed! Prepare to crush your fitness goals with Fitness Flex.

Beyond traditional workouts, we offer Boxcamp classes—a fusion of boxing movements and circuit training. It’s not just about throwing punches; it’s about challenging every muscle group. And for those days when you need to balance intensity with tranquillity, our yoga sessions are the perfect counterpoint, promoting flexibility and mental clarity.

8 week body   transformation

Ideal for those committed to a longer journey. In three months, witness a remarkable change in your fitness levels and body composition.

12 week body transformation

Shorter but no less effective, this bootcamp is perfect if you’re looking for rapid, sustainable progress.

What Sets Us Apart

At Fitness Flex, we believe in variety, not monotony. Our bootcamp sessions are constantly varied, ensuring you stay motivated and fully engaged. Expect a thrilling mix of equipment and exercises, from ropes and kettlebells to barbells and TRX. And yes, you’ll be flipping, pulling, pushing and more—every movement is a step towards a fitter you.

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Our Recent Testimonials

“Coaches & Members are all friendly and welcoming. Encourage and educate you to hit your goals with varied sessions – Highly recommended.”
Nick Murphy

“I joined Fitness Flex in October to have some winter fitness not affected by bad weather, having no idea of what Bootcamps were all about. Now I’m totally hooked! I’ve just upgraded and extended my membership so I can have unlimited access. Everyone- coaches and members- are all so encouraging and friendly. I would definitely recommend FF to everyone!”
Frances Hatton-Brown

“Excellent place if you want to work out in group and get results. PTs are great too, I’ve learned a lot about diet & nutrition which has helped me achieved my goal, thanks to Carri-Anne :-)”
Shilpa Sahu

Get Started Today

Ready to leap, sprint, and swing your way to a new level of fitness? Visit Fitness Flex for more details on our bootcamps in Basingstoke. Your transformation awaits!

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