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Welcome to Fitness Flex, where your fitness journey in Basingstoke enters a new, dynamic phase. When it comes to gym memberships, we believe in flexibility and variety, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and fitness aspirations.

Discover Your Perfect Membership

12 or 8 Week Body Transformation Programme: Our flagship programmes designed for those looking to make significant changes in a structured, supportive environment. These intensive courses combine fitness training with nutritional guidance to maximise your results.

Free Taster Week: Not sure where to start? Try week for FREE! It’s a fantastic way to experience our community and see what Fitness Flex has to offer, with no strings attached. Our free taster week also includes goal setting and nutritional plans.

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Body Transformation Bootcamps

At Fitness Flex, we pride ourselves on a diverse and engaging class schedule that caters to all fitness levels:


Offered at various times throughout the day, our Bootcamp sessions are a crowd favourite. From early risers at 5:20 AM to evening warriors at 8:00 PM, there’s a slot for everyone.


Unwind and strengthen with our Yoga classes, available on weekends. It’s the perfect balance to high-intensity workouts.

P90X & Core

Challenge yourself with these intense, results-driven programmes, exclusively on weekends.


Combine fitness with fun in our Boxcamp sessions, available three evenings a week.

Online PT

With our online coaching, you can achieve your fitness goals during a schedule that’s ideal for you.

The Fitness Flex Experience

What sets Fitness Flex apart is not just our diverse class schedule but our commitment to creating a supportive, motivating community. Our trainers are not just fitness experts; they are your personal cheerleaders, dedicated to helping you achieve your best.

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Our Recent Testimonials

All the trainers at Fitness Flex are so friendly, encouraging and supportive. I love that every session is different. Having this great variety makes it exciting to go and work out. It’s 45 minute sessions all throughout the day so something for everyone. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!
Donna Hardy

Love it here! There are different instructors, they each have various types of classes, so every session is different so you’re getting an all over body workout! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and helpful! Lots of classes to choose from every day!
Marie Tucker

I really enjoy going to fitness flex it’s helped with my fitness and strength and I really enjoy the variety of each session and how everyone helps each other.
Nick Saunders

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Curious to see what makes Fitness Flex stand out? Why not take advantage of our 7-day free trial? Attend up to 3 sessions over a week and experience the energy and community spirit of Fitness Flex. Find out more and claim your pass.

Join us at Fitness Flex in Basingstoke and embark on a fitness journey that’s as dynamic and unique as you are. Get in touch today to discover the membership that’s right for you.

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