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Welcome to Fitness Flex, your premier gym that’s just a 15-minute drive from Chineham. Located in Brighton Hill, Basingstoke, we’re your go-to spot for a fitness experience that’s a cut above the rest. We’re not just a gym; we’re a community where every workout feels like a step towards your best self.

Why Fitness Flex?

Wondering what makes Fitness Flex the gym you should choose if you’re from Chineham? Let’s break it down.

Close to Chineham

We’re incredibly accessible for Chineham residents. A quick drive and you’re here, ready to dive into your workout without the hassle of navigating busy city traffic.

Bespoke Fitness Programmes

Forget the one-size-fits-all approach. Here at Fitness Flex, it’s all about you. Our expert trainers are masters at crafting workout plans that align perfectly with your goals. Want to build strength, lose weight, or just boost your overall fitness? We’ve got your back!

Top-Notch Facilities

Step into our gym and you’ll feel the difference. We’re stocked with the latest equipment and an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and energising. It’s the ideal setting for your fitness journey.

More Than Just Exercise

We believe in a holistic approach to fitness. That means nutrition gets as much attention as your workouts. Our nutrition experts will work with you to whip up a diet plan that fuels your success.

gym near chineham

Explore our Range of Classes

Our gym accommodates all fitness levels. Whether you’re restarting your fitness journey or seeking continuous support, our team of personal trainers ensures you’re never alone. Join us for guided, motivating sessions tailored to help you achieve incredible results.

12 week body transformation


8 week body transformation

forever flex

1:1 personal coaching

boxcamp sessions

Small Victories, Big Celebrations

We’re all about celebrating progress, no matter the size. Regular check-ins ensure your fitness plan is always on point, helping you stay on track towards your goals. Guiding you to victory is our dedicated team.

At Fitness Flex, we’re not just made up of trainers; we’re your coaches, cheerleaders and partners in this journey. And we’re committed to creating an environment where you don’t just work out; you thrive.

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Our Recent Testimonials

“Fitness flex I have to say it’s full on from the word go and it’s something I need to push me to my goals. The people here are great you can go at your own pace with no judgement. In my case I’m trying to lose weight. 100% enjoying myself I’m going 3 times a week but I think I will increase that to unlimited in a few months time as it fits around my social life.”
Dan Sturgess

“Fitness flex is a great place to work out and train, they cater to all backgrounds and abilities and support you every step of the way. All the trainers are amazing and provide support during classes and after if you need advice. The members are friendly and encouraging and there are a variety of classes and times to suit everyone. I highly recommend them as they have created a great atmosphere for people to achieve their fitness goals, whatever they are.”
Amy Trew

“Fitness Flex is a great place to work out. All sessions are different so you never get bored. Really great staff who is engaged, fun and supportive. The overall atmosphere is really good, members do encourages each other no matter what level of fitness.”
Aneta Wojtaszek

Join Us Today

If you’re in Chineham and looking for a gym that’s more than just a place to sweat, Fitness Flex is your answer. Let’s turn those fitness dreams into reality. Get in touch and let’s start this journey together.

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