Why the number on the scales means jack sh*t!

I see and hear this every day.

People constantly weighing themselves and judging their own self-worth according to the number on the scales! They spend a few weeks watching what they eat and upping the exercise intensity and to no avail the number hasn’t moved!

I want to tell you the REAL reasons its worth eating food that makes you feel great and getting a regular workout session


So now you’re eating mostly wholesome foods full of colour and you’ve stopped relying on processed junk food when you’energyre struggling for time. What does that mean? It means you’re bouncing around like the Duracell bunny and waking up ready to start each day. Working out also gives you more energy, like your second wind – after a hard day at the office you dread dragging yourself to the gym right? However once you quit moaning about it and get there you come out feeling like a hero!



Another great plus point of dropping a few extra pounds and eating less crap is what goes on between the sheets. You have stronger legs arms and a more toned appearance, along with your added energy and improved cardiovascular conditioning your partner will not know what’s hit them lol



There is so much goodness in fruits and vegetables in honestly astounds me that people don’t actually eat them. They help to fight cancer, reduce the risk of certain aliments and all round just kick ass! Exercising regularly isn’t just about how you look and feel, it severely reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, hearts disease, high blood pressure and arthritis. Instead of people looking for a magic pill we actually have the answer already!



When you work out your body releases ‘feel good’ hormones called endorphins, remember legally blonde well Elle made her case saying “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They

stressjust don’t!” So if you have had a stressful day, don’t head for the wine and chocolates head to the gym I guarantee you will feel better for it and so will your body!




People that regularly and eat well are more productive that people that don’t. Don’t believe me? Go for a walk in your lunch hour and come back and see how much productive you are. Sitting at your desk constantly doesn’t mean you’re more productive! If you’re more productive you are more likely to get promoted and earn more money!



If you feel self-conscious get yourself to a workout class with other people. The sense of community and belonging really does give you support and boosts confidence instantly. Surrounding yourself with positive peopl that have been through EXACTLY what you have makes you realise you’re not alone and that we all have similar struggles. It gives us chance to blow off steam to and go back to home full of confidence and feeling great



Just because you haven’t seen a difference on the scales doesn’t mean you haven’t gotten rid of some fat! Take measurements and

body fatpictures so you can see the difference, don’t do it too often. I say once a month will suffice. Remember to do it at the same time of day in similar clothes, you want the reading to be as accurate as possible. Wearing the same underwear gives you a much better comparison.



If you are eating for optimal health and exercising regularly you are much less likely to get sick. We all have those friends or colleagues

sickwho are constantly sick, it’s surprising really living off junk food and takeaways. It’s a vicious circle they don’t have the energy to work out or cook a decent meal so end up doing the same thing constantly. Eating home cooked food is a dying art from what I can tell, its actually fun trying new recipes and experimenting with food. Give it a go!

So please don’t be disheartened if the scales haven’t changed, if I could give you one piece of advice that you follow it would be to chuck them out! Go by how you feel, how your clothes sit and you’re general well-being. Don’t be obsessed with chasing a number on the scales. What defines you is not a number on the scales any more than what shoe size you are! It just doesn’t matter.


So if this all sounds good for you, get in touch today to be a part of our Bootcamp community.


Many Thanks

Stevie D