Why can’t I lose weight? – Detoxification – Part 2

Today I’m going to talk about detoxification or detox. Not your usuals type of detox that cost £120 for 9 days etc. That will just stress your liver, slow down your metabolism and could take 4 months to recover from. stay well away from them.

Detox and loosing weight related conceptsI’m talking about the bodies natural systems for detoxing metals and chemicals and pesticides and all sort of toxins from your body.

If your body cannot detox properly on its own then its going to be very hard for you to lose weight (or lose body fat).
As the skin can hold millions of fat cells and fat cells store toxins, sometime for many years. When you lose fat the toxins get released into your blood which can cause headaches, tiredness, depression and all set of complications. So if your body is already high in toxins it will try and hold on to the fat to strip even more toxins going into your blood. But if your body has a good detox process in place then losing weight will be a whole lot easier.
The first way of detoxing your body is;

1. Sweating or perspiration – the Skin is the largest organ on the body and a massive detoxer (new word :-))
The skin holds your fat cells and the fat cells hold a LOT of toxins. So sweating out of your skin is great. Just try and avoid covering your skin up with toxic makeup and cheap moisturisers.

Obviously the best way to get sweaty is some kind of exercise. Running, riding, bootcamps etc – at least 30 mins per day. get them toxins out.
2. Breathing – sounds so simple doesn’t it?
However some of us don’t know how to breath deeply enough to get adequate amount of oxygen in and carbobreathingn dioxide out quick enough. The lungs are big detoxers. Taking oxygen into the blood and removing CD away from the body – without oxygen we would die in just a few minutes.

The best way to get deep breaths is by exercising. I recommend doing at least 30 minutes exercise every morning first thing, before breakfast, to oxygenate the brain and the body. Exercising before breakfast also helps to speed up your fat loss, it can also help lift your mood, beatTry it now.. depression, stress and anxiety. Another way is to learn about meditation, just thinking about your breathing and you will slow your heart rate down and fell calmer.
3. Urination – next up we can look at peeing or urination
This is massively guided by the kidneys. Kidneys are responsible for removing toxins once they are are removed from fat cells then excreted via urine. Toxins such as ammonia and drugs,.
Kidneys also help with blood pressure and calcium levels. Without our kidneys we would drown in our own waste.

The best things to do are to drink plenty of water. There are some herbs that are know to help treat your liver such as hydrangea, gravel root, marshmallow root, juniper berry & parsley root.

Just try to make sure that your pee is a very light yellow. if too dark then drink more water.


3. Liver – this is so important to get right as the liver deals with lots of stuff like metabolising all the foods we eat to converting thyroid hormones liverinto it active from T3. Get your liver well and fatloss will be a pice of cake 😉
Your liver has to metabolise your food. If you eat in excess of anything then the liver will be very busy and stressed out. If its to uscg then the liver will store it as fat and thats what we call a fatty liver. The liver deals with your hormones too so a dodgy liver = dodgy hormones, risk of type 2 diabetes, heart problems, thyroid problems and more. Symptoms include: stress, skin problems, depression, sleep problems, digestion, oestrogen dominance, (fat storage) fatigue, memory loss, allergies, obesity and more.
Again, getting your neutron right for your liver is crucial for health and the ultimate fat loss that you require. Eat food that is high in sulphur like Kale, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Asparagus, Mustard, Sprouts, Onions, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Turnip greens, Nuts, Avocado, Garlic, Bok choy, Sweet potato.

Alcohol is a bad thing for your liver and it also increases your oestrogen levels. Oestrogen levels are higher in women who drink & breast cancer is also higher in women who drink.
Caffeine is also a toxin that has to be dealt with for hours by the liver. Not good if your are overweight and trying to lose weight. If you are, then try avoiding caffeine for 12 weeks and see what happens. If you’er fit then stick to 1 coffee a day with your breakfast. Cortisol is good to wake up (without it, we’d just stay asleep).

Exercise, done right can help to deplete stored liver glycogen (stored energy) then when this has gone and your body start using body fat for energy then your liver can concentrate on it;s normal jobs with less stress (30 mins per day).


4. Defecation – we really need a diet very high in fibre and lots of water to make sure we can go to toilet quick enough to eliminate foods before they become toxic and start letting toxins back into the body.
If you have constipation, you need to eat more fibre, drink more water & maybe supplement with magnesium. I use something called natural calm, like milk or magnesia.
We also need to be sure of consuming enough p[re and probiotics. Food like Oats, Tomatoes, Onions, Almonds, Cottage cheese & Goats milk.

Also a supplement called L-glutamine is great for gut health. If you have a bad gut bacteria health it may be nearly impossible to lose weight.

I take a super greens drink every day to help get in some vital nutrients for gut health that are otherwise quite hard to get in. You can find these on my website but if you are looking at a greens drink then make sure they have these ingredients for sure – Chorella & Spirulina.


5. Lastly – we need to try and keep our body in a balanced PH level

Disease will grow in the right environment for it to. Toxins grow and live very well in an acidity environment. So we need to keep our body at the right PH level, slightly alkaline. The best way to do this is by eating lots and lots of fresh green vegetable. Like I said before, at least 2 salad meals per day and you will be good.
The way NOT to do it is by eating lots of meat, alcohol, coffee, pastries and being around solution and stressful relationships.

So as you can see, there’s a lot to go with detoxing the body and it will help you to lose weight if done right.

Eat lots of organic veg, nutrient dense foods, lots of water, get some sun, breath deeply and get sweaty. Exercise Every day.

In my next blog I’m gonna talk about “The power of the mind” & how to look after you brain.

Until next time….