Why cant I loose weight?! Part 1

Losing weight is not simply about eating less or exercising more often. If it was that easy then everybody would have the body they desire.  Sadly, there’s lots of other obstacles in the way and I’m going to talk about each of them in 10 short blogs and here’s the first one.

So today I’m going to explain one reason or topic which which is stopping some people getting the results they want.

The first thing we need to do…

Step 1 

Try to get back to our ancestral routes as much as possible.

The Caveman diet, or Paleo diet means eating only the food that humans could access before the agricultural revolution. That means before grains, bread,caveman pasta, junk food and processed food. There was not unlimited potatoes like we have today. (There was very limited tubers similar to sweet potato that would make up a very small part of the diet (maybe once or twice a week) if you have lots of weight to lose and damage to reverse then I would avoid these for as long as it takes to get your goal body shape.) There were far less toxins in the came as life, no toxic skin care products, sun creams, medications, vaccinations or dental fillings with mercury in. There was no tap water filled with fluoride and chlorine.

Water and food did not come in plastic that can release hormone disruptors into the food and there was not stress about paying the bills either. Now that’s a chronic stress. They had stress from Tigers or Bears etc. but that wasn’t constant stress like today’s stress. There was no alcohol as no caffeine. There was no toxic cook wear and no electrical impulses going through their heads like from mobile phones. When it got dark they went to sleep, they got a lot of sleep.

So as you can see, today’s world is full of stresses and toxins that make it impossible (for some) to lose body fat. So here’s some things that might need looking at if you are struggling, eating good, exercising daily.

1. Only eat food that came from the Earth, not from a factory

2. Eat organic fresh veg that doesn’t come in plastic bags

3. Eat grass fed meat & wild ca sight fish (not farmed fish)

4. If you have more than 1 stone to lose avoid starch like potatoes and rice, you could have 1 starchy meal per week to boost thyroid, metabolism and fill glycogen stores

5. Ask yourself if you really need that skin care product, male-up, is the shampoo and sun cream friendly to you or your kids

6. Can you go without Alcohol and caffeine or are you actually addicted? Try going 12 weeks without any! I dare ya?

7. Don’t use plastic container for microwaving food, use cast iron pans for cooking as non stick can give of hormones like oestrogen when hot which hoes into your food and into you!

8. Get a water filter for you taps, don’t trust bottled water in plastic with the hormones again!

9. Check that you haven’t got metal fillings that can release Mercury from your teeth straight into your brain

10. Drop the stress, avoid negative people that make you stressed, don’t get stressed over little things (will it matter 10 years from now?)

So there you go, & that just blog  1 out of at least 10!

So remember, there’s more to think about than just calories in vs calories out.

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