Who is Steve Dennis?

Steve at 15 stone before he took action!

Steve now at a healthy 11.9 stone!

Steve was not always fit and healthy! He lived in Cyprus as a DJ for 7 years leading an unhealthy lifestyle of excessive drinking and eating out 3 times a day, 7 days a week, month after month. This went on for far too long and when Steve returned to England to live the Doctors diagnosed that he had developed Type 2 diabetes! Steve had also gone from 12 stone to nearly 15 stone of mostly fat!

Shocked into action…

Shocked and very depressed at this Steve decided that HE would do something about it. The Doctors told him over and over again that once you have type 2 that you have it for life. That he would be on 20+ tablets a day for the rest of his life, should never drink alcohol ever again, could go blind later on and could end up having limbs amputated!

Despite what the Doctors had told him, Steve would not accept that in his mind and started reading up on Sports nutrition, exercising and dieting. Steve taught himself the hard way and within 2 years the Doctors were eating their own words! Steve had reversed his type 2 diabetes and no longer needed any medication at all and was down to a very healthy 11.9 stone and a body composition of just 12% body fat!

The Doctors didn’t believe it. 6 months later and then 1 year later, they did further blood tests after not using any Medication and still the same! Steve had reversed his on Type 2 diabetes with dedicated exercise training and a new healthy way of eating – not a diet but a way of life.


A new career…

Steve had been looking for some time at what career move he could make to get out of DJing 5 nights a week as he didn’t fancy still being a DJ when he gets to 40, 50 or even 60 years old. That’s when the light bulb moment happened for Steve!

Steve loved the feeling that he got from achieving what seemed to be impossible goals and who better to help others in the same situation than Steve who has done it all for himself and knows just how low you can feel but knows that with the right guidance, advice and motivation that any body can achieve their own personal goals if they put their mind and heart into it 100%.

Obviously Personal training was the next natural step for Steve to take. He went on to complete a Master trainer course with The European Institute of Fitness and then set up the company Fitness Flex. Steve now really enjoys his new career and loves helping his clients achieve their own fitness goals whether that be weight Loss, Toning up, strength gain, muscle gain or losing pregnancy weight.

Steve is as dedicated to helping his clients as he was when he changed his own life around and that’s why results are certain when you train with Steve Dennis.

Steve’s qualifications and credentials…

  • Qualified Olympic Weight Lifting Coach
  • Precision Nutrition, Sports & Exercise Nutrion Certified Coach
  • Master Trainer Diploma in Personal training and Coaching from The European Institute of Fitness (EIF)
  • Certified Fitness instructor, REPs level 2 (advanced programme design and circuit training)
  • Certified Personal Trainer, REPs level 3 (1-1 PT, advanced resistance training, CV training and nutritional advice)
  • Certificate in Advanced PT Skills (PT Boxing, assisted stretching, 1/2 hour & 1 hour PT, small group PT, Mobile and outdoor PT)
  • Certificate in Nutrition and weight management (Nutritional consultations and coaching skills, Metabolism and Hormones for fat loss, Body composition analysis and Supermarket tour)
  • Certificate in Functional training & Sports (Postural retraining and corrective exercise, Core stability training, Sports conditioning and fitness testing)
  • Certificate in Clinical Exercise and specific populations (Working with specific populations including pregnant women, older adults, diabetes, overweight and obesity, heart problems, osteoporosis and adolescents)
  • Certificate in Motivation & Lifestyle Coaching (Motivation and behaviour change, Coaching Skills, Goal setting, Stress and relaxation)
  • REPS member No. R0084369 – visit the http://exerciseregister.org for more details.