What’s My Favourite Pre workout in the world?

Today I’m answering a question I get from quite a few men …
What’s the best Pre workout supplement to take?

Obvman runningiously this is so they can train like a beast in the gym, even more than normal and rip their muscles more so that they are able to grow bigger. Or that’s the reason I would imagine wanting to take one.

Now this could be a controversial subject. But for me it could be answered with one simple word.
But hold on!  We need more explanation please Steve!
Ok Ok, I hear ya

Well, from my findings and a lot of research which we can delve into later. The main ingredient that is pumped into pre workouts that actually is proven to work is Caffeine.  Which you can get from a good old cup of coffee, tea or Green tea if that’s your thang 😉

Caffeine has been proven to increase exercise performance in both endurance events, high intensity and even Strength training.
Its even used by Military Forces around the world to help combat fatigue!

If you want to you could add some Coconut oil so you have fast acting MCT fatty acids ready to burn along with the benefits of the caffeine. Tastes good too.
Not forgetting,  It’s Cheap!


Just don’t use it if you train last thing at night. As we DO NOT want to disrupt your sleep pattern that’s one of the most important things for recovery and growth and fat loss too.

(Please don’t tell me you take a pre workout with caffeine late at night peeps)


Another supplement that is proven to work for strength and is added to pre workouts is Creatine Monohydrate.
Now I like Creatine. It has been around since like the the beginning of time haha!
But having it in a pre workout is a waste of time, unless you count placebo effect (in the mind).
Why Steve? Well, because Creatine needs time to saturate the muscles with ATP which is the

energy used in muscles. So that it can take affect – typically 7-10 days.
I recommend 10g Creatine Monohydrate per day, every day.

For ease I take it in the morning with my vitamins and a pint of water to hydrate the brain.

Always take lots of water with Creatine and stay hydrated!
Other ingredients?
A few other “LEGAL” Supplements that go into pre workouts but are not necessary are:
A mixture of amino acids and fatty acids that are all found in the good healthy animal foods you should be eating DAILY. Sorry vegetarians….another blog maybe?

So, the 2 proven supplements for me are Caffeine (coffee) and Creatine Monohydrate which are both very cheap.

The rest are quite expensive and have great marketing to lure you in and pay the top dollar for.

The choice is yours.

Until next time……..

With Love & appreciation,

Steve D X
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