Why Weight Training is a Crucial Part of Your Weight Loss Journey

Many people avoid weight training as they’re not sure where to start with it.

So in order to explain to you how to start, we will tell you about the benefits of weight training.

There are several reasons why weight training is great for fat loss and health.


Everyday Tasks are Easier

By making your body stronger the tasks you complete everyday become easier. Picking up your kids, carrying your shopping and even just walking are all made easier by having a strong core and muscles it’s easier for you.

Your stamina is increased too so you can endure shopping and walking for longer. So that means you can shop till you drop, taking the emphasis off the ‘drop’.


Improves Bone Density

As we all age pro bone mass reduces which is a particular concern for women. As you weight train your bones and muscles adapt to the stress of weight training and you become stronger.


Promotes Muscle Tone

As your muscles grow and strengthen they will give you that ‘toned’ appearance. There is a common misconception that weight lifting makes women bulky, this is not true. If you want to have a toned and lean appearance, building muscle is the way forward. So in essence you will be stronger, healthier and look better naked – or in a bikini, whichever you prefer.


You Burn More Calories

By weight training your body will expend more calories whilst resting. You will increase your type II muscle fibres which means your metabolism will increase fighting fat and burning calories. For every pound of muscle you have you’ll burn 50 more calories a day.


Reduces Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

By weight training you will increase your confidence, increase your happy hormones which will alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety. I’m not saying it will cure it but by having a healthier body your mind will benefit too. And let’s face it, rather spend an hour in the gym if it makes you feel less stressed and like you want to scream.


Reduces Risk of Diabetes

By living a healthier lifestyle will reduce your risks of developing diabetes. However, those that consistently weight train each week you’ll reduce your risk by 34%! It is important to eat well too but managing your weight is crucial.


Reduces Back Pain

A significant amount of people suffer with back pain. Too much sitting, bad posture and lack of core muscle doesn’t lend itself well to a healthy back. By regular weight training you will improve your core and back muscles which will relieve back pain. You will also have increased balance and flexibility which already is a great thing as your core and back muscles strengthen.


You’ll Feel Like a Badass

The best thing about weight training is the feeling when you’re lifting heavy stuff. You feel like a total badass which increases confidence and self-esteem. If you lack any of these the hardest step is the first one into the gym. Once you are there you will get more confident with every session.

With your confidence increasing, you can add additional reps and start going heavier on your weights as you get stronger. So instead of just feeling like a badass, you totally become one.


First things First

Where do you start? At the beginning of course.

There is no point going hell to leather lifting heavy things up if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could hurt yourself, so you need proper instruction to get you started.

Joining a class with a proper instructor or having a one to one session with a PT would be an ideal place to start.

There are websites where you can watch demonstrations or even sign up to an online training system where you learn from a qualified instructor.

Start small and build up to more sets and more weight. Don’t get too carried away too soon. Learn how to complete the exercises correctly before you increase the weight.

Shake and Bake Baby!


There is a belief as old as time, the belief goes – a healthy life = a healthy body = a healthy mind and soul….

So absolutely true, if you’re pumping it in the gym just to go home and chow down on 5 chocolate bars, crisps and sweets that you forgot you had in your dresser think again.


Alongside your new pumped lifestyle, you have to live like the body you want. There are plenty of ways to still eat super awesome meals that give you the nutrients you need and fills you up; and adds to the total badass bod you have been working towards. Because let’s face it, if you are working out 2 hours a day and then go and eat a super smooth totally unhealthy slab of chocolate as a “reward” you have just destroyed your workout.


There are plenty places where you can find a way to structure a meal plan for yourself but the most recommended is for you to your local nutritionist or dietician as they are qualified to give you the advice you require in order to be able to create the body you want whilst preventing you from starving yourself.


The scope is absolutely huge when it comes to creating your lifestyle and sculpting your body, in the beginning it may seem daunting and it may seem like this goal that you have set for yourself is unreachable, but once you get started and once you get into becoming what you want to become or just looking the way you want to look – you become unstoppable.


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