Vitamin D The Happy Sunshine Hormone

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 20.29.26As I write this Blog we are heading into Autumn so it’s the right time to write about Vitamin D. This hormone is made in the skin after exposure to the Sun.
Vitamin D is a steroid hormone and is important for so many reasons.
It’s necessary for calcium uptake in the intestines & bones.
It help to increase testosterone, is crucial for sperm count in men and libido/sex drive.
Vitamin D highly improves your immune system, reduces the chances of catching coughs and colds. It helps prevents cancer and obesity which obviously is linked to so many diseases in today’s world.
It helps protect from MS, type 1 diabetes, TB, arthritis, inflammation and many more diseases.

In fact a lack of Vitamin D can lead to:
Senile Dementia and Alzheimer’s
Insulin resistance
Metabolic Syndrome
Type 2 Diabetes
High Blood pressure

I recommend 15-20 minutes sunshine daily. which i know can be a challenge if you live in the UK. The darker your skin, the longer you need.
Avoiding the sun at all costs and covering up with sun cream all the time is somewhat un warranted, as high levels of Vitamin D actually offer protection from sunburn and skin cancer!

Think about this..

1.  Sunscreens actually contain carcinogens which are cancer causing chemicals

2. There are 10 x as much Melanoma in the Shetland Islands as there is in the Mediterranean Islands

But living in the UK it’s very hard to get enough sun each day all year round and this time of year we really should be supplementing with about 5000IU per day.

In fact about 90% of our population are Vitamin D deficient!

There are some great foods for helping to get more Vitamin D Like wild caught Fish, grass fed meat, whole eggs, cheese, Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 20.29.35yoghurt and fortified milk (you would need to drink gallons of milk every day to get enough Vitamin D like you get from 15 minutes of Sun).

So now you can see that Vitamin D is very important to your health and if you live in the northern hemisphere you probably need to add either more sun or a Vitamin D supplement into your life.

You could always get your Vitamin D blood levels checked at the Doctors if you have any doubts.

So now you can see that Vitamin D is crucial for your health.

Get a little sun every day if you can – a little meaning don’t get burnt!

Supplement with 5000IU per day – you can find great deals for Vitamin D3 on my website HERE

I myself will use a sunbed during the winter for just 2-3 minutes a few times per week.

Besides all that, you feel and look so much better with a little colour to you.

All the best

Steve D
Fitness Flex Limited

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