The Countdown to the Summer is Here


As we all know getting ready for summer can require some preparation!

What does it mean for you to prepare?

Preparation in terms of food prep and focus is required to get your head in the game, summer is creeping up and you don’t want to get left in the cold right?

So let’s warm it up with some epic ideas to get the workout juices flowing with the hearty summer that’s creeping up on us, so you can slip into sexy swimwear without having to worry about the little winter weight that you may have gained.


Dial in the Nutrition

Say what?
Yes, by doing your workout, you actually earn your carbs.
You see your carbs are required for energy, if you are not exercising and you’re sitting about all day. You don’t need as many.
There are many health benefits to a low carb lifestyle and it makes it super easy to drop fat, stay lean as well as feel good.
Genius right!



Up the Anti

So if you have the tools, then what’s stopping you?
Absolutely nothing!
You only have 1 life and only 1 body, so why not make the most of it and book your killer workouts that will ultimately make your body, your best body.
Stop making your ten thousand excuses as to why you can’t do your workouts and find the 1 reason why you can, and believe me when I say that there is more than just one good reason why you should.
Make sure you get your HIIT training in
High-Intensity Interval Training is excellent for fat loss because it helps burn calories even after you have finished working out and it also means you have to spend less time training!
High-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short, is a style of exercising where you alternate between periods of (almost) all-out and low effort.
Hence, the name.
The high-intensity intervals push your body toward its metabolic limits (basically as hard as you can go) and the low-intensity intervals allow it to recover (catching your breath).
You probably already knew that, though, right? So when are you booking in for your first session?



Take care of your skin

You only have one skin and you have to wear it every single day of your life.
So why not take care of it and keep it looking young for as long as possible?
There are various ways you can do this as there are like a bazillion exfoliation creams and moisturiser creams on the market, the one you choose is totally up to you.
But when you are getting ready for the hearty summer weather, a good UV protection rich cream to protect your skin from age spots as well as a moisturiser would be the best way to go.
We also recommend a decent exfoliator cream or soap so that your body can be revitalised and that you can rid yourself of all the dull looking dead cells. (A coffee exfoliate is a very popular organic exfoliator that leaves you feeling great afterwards).



Out with the Old and In with the New

As a person, your instinct is sometimes to hoard, yes you read right, HOARD!
We love those baggy sweat pants and we refuse to let them go – just in case. THROW them out I say.
Make things happen, because when your clothes are fresh, you feel fresh and when you feel fresh, you are able to approach the world with new meaning. This might sound a little philosophical but so true, if you allow yourself to let go of what is old and accept what is new then you are ready to take on your new self with some serious impact.



Bring Out Your Devil Wears Prada Side

If you have an absolute favourite magazine, like a fitness mag that shows you the latest best buys or a health magazine that shows you the latest fashion then get it.
Yeah I said it, get your inspiration going with the latest trends and gadgets available, there are sometimes really cool deals inside with some awesome bargains, we all love some discount!
Having a few mix and match items means you can spruce up your wardrobe without spending a small fortune.




Book a Holiday

Nothing spurs you on like a deadline to be in your swimwear!
Even though a holiday is great so you can unwind and clear your mind, we all know that a great motivation to get you to your workouts on time is knowing that you need to be swimsuit ready when you hit the sun and sea in your new swimsuit or bikini.
You want to rock it when you hit that beach.
Get swimwear that shows off your best bits
I DONT mean a mankini for men! I mean more get the right cut for your body shape.
Unfortunately swimwear is not a one size fits all kind of thing, you have got to go out and find the right fit for you.
This can sometimes seem a challenging task because let’s face it, we all come in different shapes and sizes. So find a swimsuit that you can show off your new self in, one that contributes to your fab curves and defined abs that you have worked so hard to get.



Take care of your hands and feet

Invest in yourself and treat yourself, you don’t want to show off mangled feet so why not go to the spa of your choice and get a great mani pedi.
Your local spa will more often than not have a summer special running so you can get ready for your debut on the beach in style.


Get your game on by rocking your summer intro with a hot body and your awesome confidence. 


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