OMG I’m Pregnant Part 2 – Exercise

So as promised, in part 2 of the pregnancy blog I’m going to cover what exercise you should be doing.




Exercise has lots of benefits to pregnant women.

1. A more comfortable 40 weeks of pregnancy.

2. An easier labour

3. A faster recovery

4. Help you to sleep better

5. Keep a regular digestive track

6. Better poster

7. Reduced back pain



Obviously exercising and eating a healthy diet is great for you and baby.  But it will also help to prevent excessive weight gain, which means you get to lose the baby weight faster and get your pre pregnancy body back ASAP.


Being fitter means that you will have stronger endurance for labor which is definitely a good thing.


My main tip for doing exercise during your pregnancy is – Don’t try anything NEW that is strenuous


Most exercises are safe you to do but don’t start trying something new.  If you haven’t done weights before, don’t start a heavy weight training routine. Same as running or any other strenuous exercise –just stick to swimming & walking.   Try for 20-30 minutes per day at a comfortable pace.



Also exercise is NOT permitted in these cases:

– History of miscarriages

– Multi pregnancy (twins or more)

– Smaller than expected foetus size

– Incompetent cervix

– Pregnancy endured hypertension (raised blood pressure)

– Clots



Also medical guidance should be sought for these conditions.

– Anaemia

– Diabetes

– Extremely under weight

– History of bleeding during past pregnancies

– Breech during the third trimester


So if you are all good to go without any of the above conditions then here are some general guidelines.


If you have exercised before conception you SHOULD continue to exercise as you have but within your limits.


It is advisable to decrease the intensity of your routine as you see fit as your body changes.


Your heart rate should not exceed 140 beats per minute.  So just make sure that you can still talk comfortably during exercise.


You should be able to carry on with any exercise that you were already doing. Except for things like contact sport, scuba diving or at high altitude.


Running is ok if already doing it. Then just reduce time and effort as pregnancy goes =on, maybe reducing to walking as the pregnancy progresses.


Weight training is ok to carry on with if already doing it.  Start to decrease weight and intensity as pregnancy progresses.  Don’t try to get new PBs.


Try to keep cool and not to overheat the baby as baby cannot sweat to cool down.  Avoid training very hard at high temperature time of the day and in direct sun.  Wear loose light clothing.




No saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs


Avoiding injury – try to avoid high impact exercise like jumping.


Avoid lying on your back from the second trimester onwards. The weight of the baby can press onto the mother spine and block blood vessels that supply the placenta and baby with vital nutrients.


Avoid rapid changes in direction.


Stop exercising if any of the following occurs:

Dizziness, Shortness of breath, Heart palpitations, contractions, bleeding.


So to summarise this advice.

If you are pregnant.  Firstly read my other blog on nutrition.

Then if you are already exercising, carry on but decrease the intensity as your body tells you to.


If you are new to exercise try gentle swimming or walking.


If this blogs help just one person it is time well spent.


I wish you all the happiness ion the world with your new life 🙂


Steve D

Fitness Flex Limited