Nostalgia For The Mud

Its a Saturday morning at 9am when everyone else is in bed with a hangover.IMG_4650

We (Team Fitness Flex) are standing at another freezing cold start line in a forest somewhere.

Why do team Fitness Flex and 25000 other Mud Queens and Warriors like us do this week after week?

Tackling muddy adventures like Tough Mudder, Brutal10, Judgement Day, Nuts challenge, Rat Race, Survival of the fittest etc releases untold amounts of endorphins.

*Feel good chemicals that black out the usual pain of exercise.
*The high that you get from a little torture is hard to explain.
*Masochistic self medication? …..Yep
*A cure for depression? …..Yep
*The escape from the daily grind of modern life, the perfect hygiene and spoon fed society.


On the weekend, crawling through mud with grit in our hair (& sometimes teeth). Our inner Caveman grunts his approval and we win back our senses that make us truly human.

Back to the adventure race start:
For some, their first time, frozen with fear and doubt of whether they will be strong enough, tough enough, competitive enough.
Believingbrutal 1 they would be losers and get trampled into the mud by other mudders scrambling for survival. Then they soon realise that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When they are given a leg up over a 10 ft wall or a 50 meter hero carry by a complete stranger. Their own self esteem also rises as they offer a hand to someone who’s fallen face down in the mud.tough mudder 2014 5 Camaraderie being the lifeblood of these type of races.

Everyone is against the same opponent, themselves.

OCR cures motivations that are much deeper than just getting a PB. The personal drives can come from raw emotions that only you alone know, maybe getting over a break-up. Relive the pain of a lost loved one or getting away from a stressful job.

Life is hard and sometimes you need to do something just as hard to prove to yourself that you will not be defeated.

As they cross the finish line, filthy, soaked, freezing but still grinning from ear to ear.

One word: Exhilarated

At home later that same day, still in pain. We sign up for the next one!

If you are thinking about doing an obstacle course race then stop thinking and “just Do it”

If you need some help getting ready for it then Fitness Flex can help:
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*Fitness Flex Runners

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