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Because Fitness Flex is getting bigger all the time It makes it harder to give the correct diet advice and Nutritional plans for everybody at the same time.  Hopefully you’ve looked at all the files from the last 2 years and made a decision based on one of them.

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Theres no doubt that a Low carb approach is great from the start; for fat loss in people that are quiet overweight. 90% of people start bootcamp or join a gym or start training to lose weight. Meaning that they are probably quite over weight and are not used to a lot of exercise. Their jobs are not very active so they are not moving around heavy stuff all day. The other 10% are lifting and moving, builders etc.
These people will have different metabolic attributes in their system.  Meaning the first is what we can call “Carb Intolerant”.  And the latter (builder) can tolerate carbs and actually carbs will benefit them.
I know, Life’s not fair.  “He can have carbs while Ive gotta have a salad at dinner” 🙁  I’m sorry but that’s the way it is.
There should be 2 types of perfect diet that we can call the A: Paleo diet and B: the Island style diet.

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A:  The Paleo Diet

A good diet for the first person. Obese. a sedentary life style and sedentary job (office work),  Insulin resistant ( carb intolerant), pre diabetic and new to exercising again.
This diet is based on real foods, animal protein, leafy vegetables and higher amount of natural fats from nuts, seeds, fish, egg yolks, avocado & coconut.
Steps to work out your calories and macro %  (proteins, fats, & Carbs)
Its important to know this for working out your numbers.

Protein = 4 calories per gram

Carbs = 4 calories per gram

Fat = 9 calories per gram
Step 1: How many calories:  your ideal body weight in lbs x 12

( e.g. 165lbs x 12 = 1980)
Step 2: Protein: 1g per lbs body weight

(e.g. 165 lbs man = 165 grams protein per day,  (660 cals)
Step 3: 50-100g carbs ( 200-400 cals)

e.g. 100g carbs = 400 cals)
Step 4: Rest of calories made up from fats

e.g. total protein & carb calories = 1060 leaves 940 cals to come from fats.

As there are 9 cals per gram of fat that leaves 104 grams to come from healthy fats to add up to a total calorie consumption of the desired 1980 calories.

165 lbs person needs:

1980 calories

660 calories from protein (165 grams)

400 calories from carbs (100 grams)

104 calories from fat (104 grams)

B: Island Style Diet

This is a good diet for athletes, regular exercisers and leaner people with active jobs

and/or lifestyles.  Or anybody else that has now lost all of the undesired body fat and is also using heavy weight training.  Including heavy kettle bells and tractor tyres etc like at bootcamp.
This diet is again based on real foods, animal proteins, vegetables and fruit. This time the higher amount pif energy will come from real, nutrient dense carbs (sweet potatoes, potatoes, white rice)

Not that you would want a jacket potato for breakfast but don’t get me wrong.  I still don’t recommend these starches until after your heavy workout. (if you are working as a builder then utilise some carbs like bananas for lunch)

Step 1: How many calories:  your ideal body weight in lbs x 12

( e.g. 165lbs x 12 = 1980)
Step 2:  Protein: 1g per lbs body weight

(e.g. 165 lbs man = 165 grams protein per day,  (660 cals)
Step 3: Fats: 30% of total calories.

e.g. 30% of 1980 =  594 calories. (66 grams)
Step 4: The rest of the calories come from carbs

e.g. because the protein and fat adds up to 1254 that leaves 726 calories to come from carbs.  Because there are 4 calories per gram of carbs that leaves 181 grams of carbs.
Summarise Island Style diet:

165 lbs person needs

1980 calories

660 calories from protein ( 165 grams)

594 calories from fat (66 grams)

726 calories from carbs (181 grams)

If you are not losing weight then you either lower the fat on the Paleo diet to lower calories or you lower carbs on the Island style diet to lower calories.
The protein and calories stay the same.  The energy source is movable.  Fats on the paleo,  Carbs on the Island style diet.

If you are not losing weight or you have hit a plateau in your weight loss.  The best thing you do can is track your food intake to calculate your calories in and macros.
The best way to track your food intake is a food diary app:
You can use the phone app or just use the website to find out the calorie content then write it down in a food diary on good old pen and paper.
If you are using the Island Style diet and having a higher carb lifestyle I would still recommend not having the bulk of your carbs until after your workout, when you your muscles are depleted of stored carbs and ready to absorb the new fuel.  This will help you recover quicker and help to grow muscle if you are a hard gainer.


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