*Do you want to drop A Clothes Size in 6 Weeks?

Without getting bored with food.

Without starving.

Without Magic Pills & Shakes that just don’t work.

The problem with most diets is they are designed for the general.
Whereas you are UNIQUE!

And some diets are just so restrictive.

Or so different to what you are used to eating, and actually like – that you find 3 or 4 meals that are OK & eat them endlessly.

Boredom sets in. And that is the very time when the Dominos Pizza seems to call your name. But it’s not just your mind that needs variety. Your body does to.

Your metabolism needs to be stimulated by eating the right foods for you as an individual.

In the right amounts.

At the right times.

For YOU.

As an experienced personal trainer I have seen many clients smashing their training goals but their weight plateaus.

I am sure you have experienced this yourself.

We all have.

So to help my clients further I designed a system for producing customised meal plans & recipes.
And now you can also get involved.

You too can benefit from having your own meal plan & recipes that are specifically tailored for your body & lifestyle.

You can purchase your 6 week customised meal plans right here.

Your plan will…

  • Be personal to you. Designed around the foods you love & your weight loss goals.
  • Be accurate by having all portion sizes and amounts clearly written down for you. You will never have to worry if you are eating too much or too little to get to where you want to be.
  • Be tasty and use affordable foods. With all the recipes included, you’ll find them easy to make but full of flavour. Oh, and they’re already programmed into My Fitness Pal – so you’ll be able to track easily.
  • Be on target. If you follow your plan to the letter, I personally guarantee you will drop a dress size in just 6 weeks.

*Order your ‘tailor made for you’ Meal Plan with Recipes HERE, for just a single one-off payment of £97.00.