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No more BORING Gym sessions!

All of our sessions are 45 minutes long and offer you a 'DIFFERENT' and 'UNIQUE' way of exercising ranging from Cardio to Weights/Equipment. You'll have access to over 40 sessions a week from 5.20am to 9.00pm


Nutrition Coaching

Need help & ideas on what you should be eating? You will get 'FREE Recipe Books' and 'Nutrition files' at your disposal in addition to advice and support from our qualified trainers

weigh in

Weigh in and measurements

Have a set goal you want to achieve? At Fitness Flex we track your progress every 8 weeks with 'Weigh in and Measurements'


Exclusive VIP Facebook Page

Gain access to our Fitness Flex community through our exclusive 'VIP Facebook Page' and our 'Accountability Page'

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What can you expect?


We have seen some amazing results here through Fitness Flex Bootcamps and are very proud of our Fitness Flex Family!

Our bootcampers encourage and support each other and have created a great Fitness Community!


Our bootcampers have been involved in preparing for Brutal, Tough Mudder, Nuts, Marathons and other physical charity events.

We are probably the most social bootcamp in Basingstoke, with have regular meet ups and social events. Our Fitness Flex members are more than just people you will train along side, we have all become friends and many meet up outside of sessions.

When you join Fitness Flex you’ll achieve more than just fitness gains, with good friends and fun times!

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Limited Spaces Available – 14 Spaces Left, Reserve Yours Today

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