Why Everyone Should Practice Yoga Regularly

There are so many reasons why yoga is important and why we strongly recommend you give it a go…

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The health benefits of yoga are so vast everyone will gain something from practicing it.

Simply put, yoga is the adoption of specific postures in conjunction with breathing control and meditating exercises.

Yoga dates back to ancient times; it focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

Let’s look a little further into yoga so you can see how powerful it is and why you should try it.

  1. Posture/ Flexibility – Yoga is a sequence of exercises, which aid the posture of your body as well as your flexibility. It is a gentle form of exercise that with each session allows you to become more flexible and aware of your posture.
  2. Stress relief – Yoga is very calming and allows you to be more mindful of the tensions in your body. By practising yoga you will release tension in your body, reduce anxiety and improve your patience. As yoga reduces your stress it also reduces your cortisol levels, which regulates your adrenal glands.
  3. Meditation – Yoga is a form of meditation, which creates an inner peace. You will feel calmer and even more spiritual.
  4. Self-awareness – As you sit calmly and move through the exercises you pay attention to yourself mentally and emotionally allowing you to be more self-aware.
  5. Improved Immunity & Energy – Yoga increases the blood flow around your body, boosts lymphatic drainage and reduces your blood pressure.
  6. Rehabilitation – As yoga prevents cartilage and joint breakdown as well a being low impact it is perfect for those that want to recuperate from an injury as well as those that what to prevent one.
  7. Improved focus and intuition – as you are calmer and less stressed it allows you to focus your time and energy better. You will be more intuitive about how you spend your time and with whom.
  8. Sleep – You will get better quality sleep, you will be better rested, less anxious and mentally stronger allowing you to fall into a deeper sleep.
  9. Builds muscle strength – Don’t let the deep breathing and gentle exercises fool you, just because you are not bounding around doesn’t mean the exercises are not challenging. Yoga uses the whole body and will increase the muscle strength of your entire body when practises regularly.
  10. Weight loss – Practising yoga regularly will mean you are living a healthy happier lifestyle, which will help you eat food that is  nutritious to your body and aid your weight loss.

Another great thing about yoga is, once you have learned the basic moves; you can practise it anywhere in the world.

We have a regular class, which runs along side our bootcamp classes to ensure our clients get the best possible results.

We provide 4 sessions per week, so you have a variety of class times to suit you.

So who is yoga ideal for?

  • The stressed out mum that wants a little down time
  • The busy career mum wanting to find a little balance
  • The cool nan that wants to get stronger and leaner
  • The busy business man who wants to be more focused and less stressed
  • The couple that want to do something together they can both enjoy
  • The teenager who is dealing with anxieties and stresses of exams
  • The bored housewife that wants to make some friends
  • The granddad that doesn’t want to get sore after gardening
  • In short EVERYONE!

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