Why Doctors Refer Obese People To Weight Watchers But Not Personal Trainers

Whilst treading through the Internet, I came across an article that faltered me. The Daily Mail outlined that overweight Britons will be offered free personal training sessions, financed by the NHS. NHS
We all know that seeing is believing, and it doesn’t mean it’s a definite thing, but oh how great it would be for us personal trainers and the health of our society if it were. So, today let’s clear up a few nutritional facts about why Britons are getting more overweight, and how personal trainers can put a positive stamp on our country’s health.

What Makes Us Overweight?

We are all programmed to believe that eating fats will make you fat. Therefore, avoiding them will leave you with a slim waist and chiselled cheeks.
Daily Mail predict that (if it were to happen) this new personal training programme would cost £30 million. Now that’s a LOT just for eating the wrong foods!
Let’s make it clear that not all fats are bad for you, and you shouldn’t believe that fat-free drinks and snacks have some nutritious value. The labels on food are a marketing strategy to get people to pick them up.
It’s these products, which are genetically modified, use chemicals instead of real foods (in an attempt to lower calorie and carbohydrate intake), which aren’t doing anything good for our body… only sending our liver into overdrive!
Don’t eliminate fat from your diet because you’re scared of the suspected consequences. Almonds, olive/coconut oil and nuts are all healthy fats which have been proven to add nutritional value.
Another reason why we are becoming overweight is because we’re not moving enough. Our lives have become stagnant and where we used to be active, sitting at a desk for eight hours straight has become the norm.
We all need to be moving around and exercising more frequently to burn off fat, keep us trim and our hearts pumping the way they should.
Rather than shopping in markets and grocery shops, we automatically find our cars driving to supermarkets and choosing processed foods – even if they appear healthy.


Learning Healthy Cooking Techniques

Another part of Daily Mail’s promise is to teach healthy cooking techniques and the importance of eating five fruit and vegetables a day.
It’s a little insulting to our country that in 2016 we have to be taught what to eat and how to cook correctly for our body’s to function right. But, it’s a sad reality that after a busy week at work, we’d rather pick up the phone and order a takeaway than cook a fresh meal from scratch.
So here are some basic cooking techniques for those with busy lives or those who aspire to become healthier:
Firstly, cook. It’s obvious and a little belittling, but if you’re picking up frozen foods or regularly eating at a restaurant, you have no idea what’s gone into the food, how it’s been prepared, if it’s fresh or how nourishing it is.
Pick up foods from a grocery, which haven’t been tampered with and flavour foods yourself. If you read the ingredients list and have no idea what it is, then the reality of it being good for you is very little.
Don’t use lard to cook use coconut/olive oil or even butter when needed.
Boil or steam vegetables where necessary and keep them al dente to ensure they get all the benefits from the vitamins and minerals
Always have healthy food in and don’t wait until you’re out of food to go shopping.
Prepare your meals and if you can, spare a few hours a week to cook dinners in advance. It’s much easier to eat healthier when it’s all done for you and you just have to pick something out of the fridge.


How Personal Trainers Can Prevent Obesity?

As you can imagine, every personal trainer hopes that this happens. We’d be in business and have the enjoyment of knowing that we’re helping ‘our people’.
As personal trainers, we carry a burden on ourselves to drastically improve the wellbeing and lives of our clients. Our only role isn’t to help them comfortably fit into their summer clothes, but to educate them, set a good example and create a never-ending cycle of healthy eating and regular activity upon generations.
It’s not just time or money that puts people off having a trainer, but tortuous workouts, which are unenjoyable and basically like torture.
No pain, no gain, yes, but can’t working out be made to be more fun?
It’s our role to make people WANT to come back after their first session to really reek the results and not just be in it for a quick body fix.
Speak with clients to find out not only their goals, but what activities they can tolerate the most and where their strengths lie. But it’s not just what happens in the gym which makes a difference to our body shapes, but what food we eat in the kitchen.
Provide clients with support and educate them that not all fats are bad and a low carbohydrate diet is recommended, but real food – fresh fruit and vegetables will help support our bodies.
Let’s work on preventing obesity, rather than waiting until it’s right in our faces until we have to do something about it.
The health benefits of food are a lot more persuasive than just how it can make us look.
Let’s hope that this comes true and all personal trainers can help to make the world a happier and healthier place.


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