5 Fat Burning Tips to Lose 4lbs in 7 Days

Hi All, Steve Dennis here, Owner and Director of Fitness Flex Limited, The lean Body Inner Circle Online Personal Training Programme, creator of the 28 Day Low Carb Kickstart Plan and author of recipe books like The Healthy Cheat Day Food Bible & The Perfect Balanced Recipes. After leading a rather unhealthy life myself up until my early 30s I was very upset to be told that I was now a Type 2 diabetic! I was 4 stone over weight and was told that I would have to take a LOT of medication every day for the rest of my life – this medication was to lower my blood sugars after eating high carb meals. Along with the real probability of having to have limbs amputated or going blind later in life! I was very depressed and confused by all this as I didn’t know what exercises I needed to do or what foods I could eat to make me better and heal me. Like I was, you might be frustrated about trying to lose body fat. You might be confused about what foods to eat and often wonder why carbs are bad. Whether it’s ok to drink fruit juice? Or how eating fat can now be healthy? Over the past couple of years all my research and experimenting has enabled me to discover the Top 5 Fat Burning Tips to drop at least 4lbs or more in the first 7 days and 1 dress size or 2 belt holes in less than a month and now I want to pass that information on to you so that you too can benefit from these simple and easy to follow tips. Like I did, you will feel better, have more energy, and improve your sleep. Like my full 28 Day Low Carb Kickstart Plan, these Top 5 Tips are designed to get you RESULTS and help you start towards reaching your health and weight loss goals. Right! Let’s not waste any more time – here are my top 5 tips that I used to lose 40lbs, reverse my Type 2 Diabetes and get my life back on track.

Tip 1. Reduce carbs and processed food

Why? Because eating carbohydrates will mean you have sugar in your blood your blood causing an insulin spike. Converting excess sugar into fat and into your fat stores. Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 14.28.44The number one, most powerful fat burning tool ever is “cutting out sugar”. When sugar is eaten the fat storing, fat making, growth hormone, insulin is produced in the pancreas and then released into the blood. If you have Insulin in the blood it is NOT possible to burn fat as fuel and your body can even turn the sugar into fat for storage. Because sugar in the blood is toxic and if left for too long can cause damaging inflammation, circulation problems and even glaucoma (blindness), the body will always use the sugar for fuel before fat. So, to burn any body fat for fuel you must have no sugar in the diet. How to reduce carbs… Eliminate sugar and junk foods. Sugar doesn’t have to be on a spoon or in a can of coke. It is hidden in many types of foods including: Breads, cereals, pasta, potatoes, fruit, chocolate, sports drinks, flavoured yoghurts, cookies, cakes, juices, deserts, wine, beer, rice cakes, muffins and loads more! Whether its whole grain bread or white bread the starch still turns into sugar in the blood and causes a rise in insulin. Avoid all ready meals. Use Myfitnesspal, the phone app to work out how many carbs you eat per day. A low carb diet is usually ok at 50grams per day. but can vary from 15g-90g depending on your body type and activity levels. The fat on your body comes from the sugar you eat, not from the fat you eat.

Tip 2. Eat Real food

Food from the Earth that is nutrient dense and calorie sparse. Leafy, non starchy vegetables are nutrient dense and calorie sparse. Especially eating raw vegetables is the best way to get loads of vital vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) into your body to help it do everything it needs to survive, efficiently . They are highScreen Shot 2015-09-19 at 14.31.59 in Fibre which helps to slow down the realise of insulin. One of the Micronutrients that vegetable are high in is potassium. Most people that are over weight have a potassium deficiency and the best food to get potassium from is vegetables. Potassium also helps to lower insulin so lacking in it can lead to elevated insulin levels and stop fat burning. High potassium containing veg include: all cruciferous veg like cabbage, broccoli, kale, cress, boo choy, cauliflower and other veg like asparagus, romaine lettuce, celery, beet, tomatoes, mushrooms. Note: Leafy green vegetables that grew above ground are the least calorie dense.

Tip 3. Eat More Quality Protein

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 14.34.17Eating protein is also great for fat burning if eaten in the right amount (not too much). If eaten in excess then protein can cause an insulin spike just like carbohydrates. Which will cause fat storage and stop all fat burning. If however, protein is eaten in the right amount (about 30-50g per serving) then the fat burning hormones, glucagon and growth hormone are stimulated instead. Glucagon does the opposite of insulin and helps the body to release stored fat to be used as fuel. The best way to consume protein therefore is little and often. Protein is best when consumed in its whole form. Whole eggs (organic), meat from grass fed (pastured) animals, Wild caught fish, wild game, fowl, shell fish, Cheese, Raw nuts like brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, seeds.

Tip 4. Eat More Fats

The first thing about fats in the diet is that it has little to no effect in the fat storing hormone insulin. So its stands to reason that eating fat will not make your body fat. Fat is essential for your brain and every cell in your body! CholesteScreen Shot 2015-09-19 at 14.36.03rol in the body is not absorbed from the food you eat but rather it is made by your body itself (in the liver). When you eat a higher fat diet your body will produce less and when you eat a low fat diet the body will produce more cholesterol! A lot of your body is made from fat including the brain, nerves and glands. These are constantly being replaced with new fats from the diet. So although fat is higher in calories per gram than carbs, a lot of it isn’t used just for energy where as carbohydrates are only used for energy and not to build your body. As eating healthy fats doe not cause an insulin spike it therefore does not cause and following blood sugar low. So you stay satisfied for longer and do not get constant cravings for mire food/sugar. Good fats include: Coconut oil, raw olive oil, flax oil, omega 3 found in oily fish (wild caught) saturated fats in meat from grass fed animals, egg yolks, avocado, cheese, raw nuts, butter (grass fed).

Tip 5. Exercise daily!

The best exercise for fat loss is a combination of HIIT cardio and resistance training. I recommend that twice a week people should do some kind of HIIT (high intensity interval training). HIIT is like it says, a type of training in which you work flat out, 100% for a short period and then rest (interval). This is then repeated for a certain length of time. Usually 6-20 minutes depending on your fitness and the effort of the exercise. This way of cardio training is better than slow steady cardio as it keeps your heart rate up much higher and burns more fat in less time. Example: Tabata. Running Tabata is a type of HIIT training where you exercise (let’s say running although it can be done with any exercise) as fast as you can for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. This is usually repeated for 4 minutes but can be done for as long as you can handle (usually 20 mins for me) Bootcamps are usually a good form of HIIT as you would exercise on a station for 1,2 or 3 minutes, then rest and move onto the next exercise. Then I recommend that people should do resistance training for 2 or 3 days per week. Resistance training is a term used for weight training. Exercising your muscles against an opposing force (with dumbbells, barbells and weight machines). Resistance training will increase your BMR (metabolic rate) meaning you will burn more calories per day, even when at rest. So you will be burning more fat all day every day. This could be done either on your own or even better with the help and guidance of a good, reliable Master trainer. So to recap… If you are frustrated about trying to lose body fat and confused about what foods to eat. Often wonder why carbs are bad… Why fruit is bad… Whether it’s ok to drink fruit juice.. Or how eating fat can now be healthy then these simple and easy to follow tips, will help you feel better, have more energy, and improve your sleep in just a few days. If you want to drop at least 4 lbs or more in the next 7 days start implementing these tips right now.

Tip 1. Eat Less carbs and processed food Tip 2. Eat Real food. Tip 3. Eat More Quality Protein Tip 4. Eat More Fats Tip 5. Exercise Daily

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Best of luck and wishing you every success! If you are interested in losing weight or getting fit again, or even you are in danger of developing Type 2 diabetes yourself because of a bad lifestyle. Contact me on steve@fitnessflex.co.uk and we can have a chat to see if I can help you. Best of luck and wishing you every success!